Dare To Be Stupid

        Dare To Be Stupid, Weird Al's third offering, is probably one of his more popular, containing such spoofs as Like a Surgeon, Yoda, and Girls Just Want to Have Lunch. However, none of those compares to the original material on this disc.

        Dare To Be Stupid is Al's best work. A "style parody" of Devo, Al reworked Freedom of Choice and Big Mess into something that even Mark Mothersbaugh agrees out-Devo's Devo. It's one of the two originals that made it onto his first Greatest Hits compilation. The other, One More Minute, also appears on Dare to Be Stupid, and is always good for a laugh when youre trying to forget an ex girlfriend.

        Al also includes his second polka on this album, and nothin says lovin like a Weird Al Polka-medley