Peace of The Wild Things

        A lot has happened since I first encountered Paper Route when they were opening for IPS oh so many years ago. They had a major label album release, zero album promotion, had a member leave the band and broke off from their label (gee, yes im talking about Paper Route and not IPS). Well, they got their shit together and released a sophmore album entitled Peace of the Wild Things. This title just reminds me of all the tweeting by the band about Where the Wild Things Are.. and touring member Josh's tweet of "Where the Wild Wings Are" with a pic of a Bdubs. Hah. But I digress.

        This album was teased with a clip of a demo of Calm My Sould and two singles: Better Life and You and I. Of the two singles, I enjoy Better Life more than You and I, but I find that I have You and I stuck in my head a lot more... maybe its because it sounds very Hunger Gamesey and everytime I hear that horrible Taylor Swift song from the Hunger Games soundtrack I think of You and I. But Again, I digress. This album definitely has some cues from previous PR offerings, most notably with the opening track Love Letters, but soon breaks into some good old fashioned dreamy pop music with Two Hearts and Better Life. Two Hearts seems to be getting some alt radio buzz so thats pretty neat. There aren't really any tracks on this album that are clunkers, which is a tough thing to do. Even bands like Rush and Dream Theater couldn't figure that one out.

        As good as this albums is as a whole, it makes it onto my list of albums from 2012 based on two songs alone. Glass Heart Hymn and Rabbit Holes have that right mix of syncopation, bizarre ambient keyboard noise, and whimsical lyrics to make this album superb. The one thing that Paper Route has on The Antlers is that, not only can you understand everything JT is singing, but are much more in your face with their ambient alternative dream pop. How you can be in your face with ambient music, I don't really know, but Paper Route pulls it off.