The Battle Rages On

        Back in the late nineties I was really in to Deep Purple. This album comes from 1993, when Ian and Ritchie tried to play nice and reunite the most famous line up.

        I bought this album to hear the studio versions of the songs featured on the Come Hell Or High Water live album. See back in the 90's you couldn't dial up a song on the Spotify or The Youtube.

        While nowhere near any sort of famous album, this one has got some good bluesey rock and roll songs. Anya, was envisioned as a follow up to Sweet Child in Time, and while not as good as its precursor, is the best song on the album. Ramshackle Man and A Twist in the Tale are solid guitar boogies.

        This album is a solid example of what Deep Purple could do, provided they could all get along. Of course, we all know they couldn't and Ritchie went back on his seperate way shortly after.